EGOSAN NEW X-Dry 8 Hours+ Diaper Style Briefs with Tabs



Exclusive X-Dry Technology – Includes new exclusive X-Dry technology which allows the skin to stay drier for longer than ever before. No need to worry about frequent changes. Our new ground breaking technology can keep you or your loved one feeling confident and comfortable all day and all night

  • Hyper Absorbency – The exceptional nature of the X-Dry technology comes with a perfect balance between high quality cellulose and super absorbent polymers capable to immediately absorb large quantities of liquids and retaining them for over 8 hours even under strong pressure. Can be worn all day or overnight and changed less frequently than your traditional diaper.
  • Protective Leg Cuff Barriers, Wetness Indicator & Odor Control – Each diaper includes a wetness indicator and non allergenic soft super protective stretch leg cuff barriers with odor protection reducing unpleasant smells.
  • Caring for Your Loved Ones – Our new ground breaking hyper absorbent technology reduces irritation that can’t be found anywhere else. This allows for fewer changes throughout the day and night. Simplify the wearer’s daily life with Egosan’s exclusive X-Dry technology.
  • Sizing – Available in two sizes. Medium fits waist sizes between 28 to 47 inches. Large fits waist sizes between 39 to 59 inches.


Take a look below at our sizing chart to find the correct size diaper/briefs.

Take a look below at our three videos providing instructions on how to put on our diapers/briefs standing or while laying down, plus the #1 tip for maximizing the absorbency of your Egosan diapers/briefs.




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