5 Simple Tips for Keeping a Senior Loved One Comfortable at Home

October 24, 2018

5 Simple Tips for Keeping a Senior Loved One Comfortable at Home

Whether they're recovering from surgery, grieving the loss of a spouse, or dealing with dementia or other chronic illnesses, older adults living at home can quickly become isolated or lonely -- or feel like home has become more like a hospital. If you're caring for aging parents, follow these simple tips to ensure your loved one is comfortable at home so they can stay there for as long as possible. 

  1. Get new bedding. There's nothing like a freshly made bed with soft, clean sheets, cozy blankets, and fluffy pillows. If your Mom has had the same bedding for the last 20 years, surprise her with a new bedding set. If Dad's been having trouble sleeping since your stepmom passed away, a bedroom makeover could help ease his nighttime anxiety. Sound machines and soft glow nightlights and clocks could also be helpful for loved ones with dementia who have days and nights reversed.

  2. Get rid of clutter. This is especially important for individuals struggling with mobility issues on account of surgery, Parkinson's, stroke recovery, vision loss, or other ailments affecting joints, muscles, balance, and coordination. Make sure there are clear paths throughout the home, particularly the most highly traveled areas. 

  3. Keep treasured & necessary items in close reach. Pictures of grandkids, iPads loaded with apps for social connectivity, souvenirs from a favorite trip taken years ago, a journal and pen. Whatever makes Mom smile or keeps Dad busy when he's confined to a chair or bed for an extended period of time, place these objects nearby for easy viewing and access.

  4. Create spaces for rest and reflection. Does Mom love bird watching? Does Dad love writing letters or reading the morning paper with a cup of coffee? Set up places throughout the home -- particularly in the areas where they spend the most time during the day -- where your parents can enjoy a relaxing activity or a favorite hobby/ritual. 

  5. Add special touches to brighten the day. Fresh flowers in a vase on the nightstand. Calling to check in the same time every day, just to say hello (set a reminder on your phone to keep the appointment). Setting up Alexa to play Dad's favorite music in the late afternoon when he feels most anxious. When medical supplies are building up in corners or taking over rooms, these little touches can bring joy in the midst of long, tiring, lonely days.  


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