About Egosan

Known world-wide, Egosan is an Italian brand of continence-care pads, diapers and underpants. Egosan focuses on research, using the most effective raw materials and latest technologies, listening to health care providers and dialogue with patients who suffer from incontinence to produce the highest quality of products.

Egosan is a brand manufactured by it’s parent company Santex. Santex strives to protect the environment and aims to reduce consumption of raw materials by saving on natural resources, water and waste. This operating philosophy is evident in different environmental certification obtained.

The technological innovation introduced in our plants and production sites promote considerable energy efficiencies and increasingly high performance products

A pillar in the Italian health care industry for over 50 years, Santex has been a recognized partner with the National Health Service, providing incontinence products to hospitals throughout Italy. For the past 30 years, the Egosan brand of incontinence products is an example of this commitment. 

We listen to the people who wear our aids and to those who take care of them. We expertly combine this information with advanced technologies in order to design absorbent aids that meet the demands of any type of incontinence. For us, what matters is making a contribution to the quality of life.

For any comments, concerns or questions please contact info@egosancares.com or call (888) 430-6443.