Destination Retirement: Where Today's Boomers Are Traveling

September 05, 2018

Destination Retirement: Where Today's Boomers Are Traveling

Travel is top of mind for all the generations, says a 2018 report from travel experts Expedia: 74% of Americans, regardless of age, currently prioritize experiences over products and things. But one major difference between millennials and boomers? The boomers have, and take, the luxury of time: most boomers travel for a week or even longer. So where are they going? 
  • Classic R&R. According to this AARP Travel Research report, the number of boomers traveling to relax and rejuvenate jumped from 38 percent to 49 percent since 2017. Are they bringing passports? AARP says 47 percent plan to travel abroad and stateside, and 49 percent plan to travel domestically only. 
  • Bucket list destinations. Going abroad is more likely a “bucket list” trip for 22 percent of boomers, per the AARP online survey. The Caribbean, Europe, and Latin America are the top of the list for these adventurous, active adults. 
  • Business-pleasure adventures. Are they taking work with them? Yes, says the AARP survey. About 56 percent of boomers will work while they're away. 
  • Heritage tours. These trips back to a person's homeland and place of ancestral heritage are growing in popularity, says this boomer travel trends article from Luggage & Lipstick. 
  • Luxury treks. Seeing the wonders of the world in style is another trend in boomer travel. One company, AdventureSmith Explorations, offers tours of Machu Picchu or Peru's Sacred Valley with customized hikes that range from easy to extreme, and lodging in high-end accommodations along the way. 
  • Solo travel. There's an entire blog dedicated to solo traveling for boomers, and Janice Waugh, the site's founder, offers tips for every aspect of this growing group of adventurers. From river cruises to walking trips to creative travel (trips centered around art, dance, cooking, and more), Waugh and fellow solo traveler Tracey Nesbitt write about the best ways to maximize going abroad alone.

Challenges for Boomer Travelers

While many boomers have the time, resources, and desire to travel, there are a few things that give some active adults pause before planning a longer excursion. One of those challenges? Incontinence. 

Long or delayed flights, cruises or bus tours with few bathrooms, hiking trails and gondola rides with no bathrooms: for someone struggling with incontinence, even on a minimal level, these circumstances can lead to embarrassing, uncomfortable situations. However, the market is responding: there's no reason anyone of any age should give up their desire to travel, or maintain an active lifestyle, based on incontinence alone. One such product, Fanny Pants, offers incontinence underwear for men and women, an activewear line, and a washable travel pouch to carry pads and other incontinence products discreetly.

So if you're thinking of traveling to Florida, California, Fiji, or Cuba, don't let an incontinence diagnosis stop you. Take Egosan's innovative products -- manufactured in an ideal travel destination, Italy -- with you wherever your boomer adventures take you.

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