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You Aren’t Just a Number: Egosan Offers Superior Products and Personal Attention to Customers

June 20, 2020

You Aren’t Just a Number: Egosan Offers Superior Products and Personal Attention to Customers

Incontinence can be due to numerous issues, some of which are connected to age and others which are connected to surgery, trauma, or other health issues.

Egosan is here to help people who live with incontinence better manage this inconvenience so that they can continue to live their best possible lives without incontinence as a focus. The company works continually to produce and distribute the best product for each individual need. Additionally, they work hard to live up to the Egosancares handle.

A happy Egosan customer speaks up

Mark Wilson was a decades-long Alzheimer’s caregiver who inspired this article because of his testimonial about the quality of the products as well as the personal support that Egosan provides its customers.  

Our communication began with his request to return for credit unused incontinence products after his mother died. After Wilson received a refund for those Egosan products he went on to talk about the quality of the products:

“My mom Lena Wilson just passed, and I was her caregiver at home along with some other caregivers for over the 10 years she had Alzheimer’s. It has only been a short time since her death, but I really miss her. 

“We were able to take care of her at home (as opposed to a nursing home) due to a couple of factors. First, we had great caregivers at home.

“Second, we were able to get her the proper supplies and equipment at home. This includes Amazon (where we could get lots of supplies) and Egosan. My Mom used the Egosan maxi incontinence briefs for years while she was incontinent with Alzheimer’s. I was lucky to stumble upon Egosan.. this brief was amazing... it was unbelievably absorbent and comfortable for my Mom. 

Our caregiver’s agencies offered many briefs, so I asked mom’s caregivers to do a comparison test with these other brands. Egosan briefs always won. Another great benefit of the Egosan brief was that in addition to being comfortable, absorbent, and easy to put on, it is the only brief that did not cause my mom a rash. It’s a great product and great company.”

Amazon rating speaks for us

Egosan, which currently has a 4.3-star rating on Amazon, abounds with great verified reviews that reflect what Mark has said. Here are just a few:

“Yes. My husband is totally disabled, and I was double diapering because I don’t want to change him in the middle of the night, but he goes so much that the bed pad and his pajamas were always wet. These diapers hold the most out of the seven others that I tried and haven’t leaked out yet. Expensive but really work.”

“Husband with Alzheimer's and possibly also Parkinson's was flooding the bed every night. Adult diapers in local pharmacies could not contain the amount of urine. Could not imagine having to change and wash sheets every day for the foreseeable future. Found your diaper on the internet! Came the next day and there have been no wet bedsheets since. His shame and my burdens have been diminished. Thank you!!!”

 “After trying all the European brands, I was pleased to find these so readily available! They are as thick and supple (not scratchy) as the EU brands and the tapes stay in place. They are very breathable and don't make you wet with sweat on the sides. Equally as well, they DO refasten without destroying the product. Absorbency is off the charts! They wick extremely fast, which is great for gushes. I don't know how much they hold because I've not maxed them out. They are very light, not noisy when moving and don't pinch in the crotch area while still providing the coverage you need when lying down. You just have to try them if you are at your wits end with all these manufacturers. These work - period.”

These accolades go on and on. We simply wanted to let you know that you, the customer, matter to us. While Egosan is a family business started in Italy 30 years ago and approved by their National Healthcare System, it has only recently been introduced in the US. Egosan products are currently only available through Amazon, so the brand isn't offered in every big box store around. Yet, people find us when they are looking for quality and personalized customer service.

With Egosan, you can try before you buy. Additionally, you can receive a 20% discount on your first order by entering the code ELDERS20.

If you have questions about the brand or caregiving in general, you can contact us through Facebook or on Egosancares through the AskCarol box. Your questions need not be about incontinence, just caregiving is fine.

Let us know what you need and want, as well, so that we can continue to increase our stock of your favorites. Remember that Egosan carries products that address the needs of active women and men as well as products for people who are I need of caregiving.

By Carol Bradley Bursack







Egosan wants to help you live your life fully: Try Egosan premium underwear for discrete, dignified protection. For 20% off your first order, use promo Code: 20CareGivers.

General caregiving or incontinence questions? We’re here to help with ASK CAROL. *She has an additional discount for you.

***Egosan’s PEFC certification guarantees that their products are from sustainable, managed forests, recycled and controlled sources


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