EGOSAN MAXI Protective Pull Up Underwear


OVERNIGHT ABSORBENCY FOR MAXIMUM PROTECTION – Unisex premium disposable absorbent underwear (sometimes called pull-up, pull-on or underpants) are designed for the highest levels of incontinence for women and men can be worn all day and changed less frequently than your traditional disposable underwear and can also be worn to bed for all-night protection.

LIGHTWEIGHT & WEARABLE – A lightweight “non-woven hypoallergenic fabric” provides a natural “Cotton Effect” comfort that discreetly shapes your body for a comfortable (lower-rise waist panel) fit,, unlike ANY other underwear. This “Cotton Effect” enhanced top sheet helps wick away moisture maintaining a soft feel against the skin.

INNOVATION & COMFORT – Newly designed fluid acquisition layer designed to speed the absorption process underbody pressure while distributing liquid to the superabsorbent polymers. Egosan adult underwear includes a wetness indicator and a non-allergenic elastic crotch with a dual odor control system to help neutralize and stop odors. An increase in the SAP (Super Absorbent Polymers) to fluff pulp ratio creates lighter more absorbent underwear.

SOFT & BREATHABLE WITH ALOE EXTRACT – Dermo-protective system manufactured from fluff pulp with a special soft rustle-free breathable outer layer helps to control moisture and temperature to help your skin stay dry, comfortable,, and healthy. All Egosan products are PEFC certified which provides customers with the assurance that all forest-based material within our products comes from a sustainably managed forest!

Take a look below at our sizing chart to find the correct size protective underwear

    Take a look below at our video providing instructions on how to put on our protective underwear, plus the #1 tip for maximizing the absorbency of your Egosan protective underwear.


    #1 Tip for Maximum Absorbency


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