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EGOSAN Ultra Incontinence Adult Diaper Briefs

  • 15 EASY TO USE & LIGHT WEIGHT – Includes new adjustable refastenable tabs to easily and quickly adjust and secure your diaper with a breathable and lightweight “non-woven fabric”
  • ULTRA ABSORBENCY FOR LONG TERM USE – Can be worn all day and changed less frequently than your traditional diaper and can also be worn overnight for all night protection
  • STAND UP LEAK GUARDS, WETNESS INDICATOR & ODOR CONTROL – Each diaper includes a wetness indicator and non allergenic elastic leak guards with odor protection reducing unpleasant smells
  • SOFT BREATHABLE WITH ALOE EXTRACT – Each diaper is made from fluff pulp and a special soft rustle free outer layer and has a soothing dermo-protective system with an aloe based cream
  • ABSORBENCY LEVEL - Medium 3600cc, Large: 4200cc
  • SIZING - Currently only Medium and Large diapers are available. Take a look below at our sizing chart to find the correct size diaper

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