Adult Incontinence Rash Happens: How to Prevent It and/or Treat It

February 01, 2022

Adult Incontinence Rash Happens: How to Prevent It and/or Treat It

Human skin is not meant to withstand close contact with urine-saturated briefs for extended periods of time. When bowel incontinence is also an issue, the chance of skin reactions increases even further. How do people prevent skin irritation and even serious rashes when they need to wear incontinence products? With careful attention to detail.

What exactly causes these rashes?

Trapped heat and moisture, chafing, or rubbing, inflammation from the ammonia in urine, and enzymes in stools are common threats. Then there are fungal and bacterial infections. Other risks are allergic reactions: Look for hypoallergenic protection (more on that later).

Signs of a rash

Mild cases of incontinence rash can cause pink patches on the skin, itchiness, and small red bumps. Moderate cases show these same symptoms, but they are more advanced (and scary). Severe infections will raise all of these signs to a serious level. These infections can even advance to where you’d run a fever and your blisters would ooze pus, so you need to seek medical attention. There are prescriptions available that should help you clear this up quickly.

Should a rash occur, here are some steps to help clear it

Change briefs often, gently wash with hypoallergenic soap or cleanser, rinse well, and dry thoroughly – several times a day. Pat the skin dry but don’t rub it. Encourage airflow when possible.

Protective and healing ointments and creams

People who have worn adult incontinence wear over time find what works best for them and they generally have suggestions for others. Here are a few that we’ve received from members of Egosan’s Incontinence Support Group:

*Aloe vera (Egosan products have aloe-infused linings so you’ve got a head start with protection. More aloe is fine, though).

*Ointments and creams containing zinc oxide with petroleum jelly suggested as well.

* Calmoseptine

* Calamine creams

*Corn starch

Prevent and/or treat rashes by starting with premium, hypoallergenic, high-tech protection that will keep your skin dry

Egosan’s products are all hypoallergenic with aloe-infused linings. Their layered protection quickly moves moisture away from your skin deep into the storage core to wait for disposal. This keeps your skin dry as it prevents leakage. Unlike plastic-backed briefs, breathable cloth-like backing allows for airflow. For more information on the amazing technology behind Egosan products see: Why Are Egosan Incontinence Products Superior? Technology!

By Carol Bradley Bursack


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