Why Are Egosan Incontinence Products Superior? Technology!

January 14, 2022

Why Are Egosan Incontinence Products Superior? Technology!

If you are experiencing incontinence yourself or caring for someone who is, you’ve probably tried protection products that you find in a store or searched for the cheapest ones online. Few people realize that widely advertised brands may not be what they need. Sure, these provide bulk to absorb some urine, but premium brands like Egosan will perform far better, with Egosan being the leader. The reason is advanced technology.

First some background

Egosan is a brand manufactured by its parent company Santex. A pillar in the Italian health care industry for over 50 years, Santex focuses on research using the most effective raw materials and latest technologies to produce the highest-performing products.

Egosan’s amazing technology

The already great effectiveness of Egosan diapers has continued to improve with the advent of new ingredient combinations and advanced design features. These features offer extended protection and for many, they help maintain dryness performance overnight.

Using a combination of superabsorbent polymers along with cellulose pulp, this technology enables the products to hold moisture away from the skin which then prevents rewetting the covered area. Keeping moisture away from the diapered area helps maintain proper skin hydration, minimizes irritation, and contributes to reduced rates of diaper rash.

Layers of protection and features explained

Egosan incontinence diaper briefs and pull-ons are not just about fluff; they are made with built-in carefully designed, technologically advanced layers.

Topsheet: This is the part of the diaper next to the wearer’s skin. Egosan’s hypoallergenic topsheet has been carefully engineered to quickly draw moisture away from the skin and transfer it deep into the diaper. You’ll note that the topsheet remains soft and dry to the touch. Egosan’s topsheet is infused with healing aloe to further protect the skin.

Acquisition layer: The acquisition layer is next. This layer retains the moisture that’s drawn from the topsheet while it continues to move it even farther into the diaper’s storage core. The materials in the acquisition layer also contribute to preventing the urine from rewetting the user’s skin.

Absorbent Core: As the acquisition layer distributes the liquid, the urine is gradually absorbed into the core where you’ll find the highly dense layer containing superabsorbent polymers (SAPs). When dry, SAPs look like small, transparent crystals, but when wet the structure is unraveled and the crystals swell, transforming into a gel-like substance that can absorb up to 30 times its weight. As a gel, SAPs are particularly durable and can withstand high pressure to avoid rewetting even the most active wearer’s skin.

Backsheet: Repositionable fasteners and the stretch features of the Egosan diaper are designed to optimize the fit to each individual in both the torso and the leg so that the diaper or pull-on can move with the wearer. The less bulky design, as well as the soft, quiet exterior, makes Egosan a top choice for those who know what a difference in their lives the best protection can make.


There you have it. A small lesson in the technology that makes your experience wearing diaper briefs or pull-on styles of protection a far better, healthier experience than in years past.

One last thing: Santex is committed to protecting the environment by reducing the consumption of raw materials, reducing waste, and saving natural resources and water. This operating philosophy is evident in the varied environmental certifications they've obtained.

By Carol Bradley Bursack

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If you or someone you know could use some support in managing their own incontinence or that of someone they care for, consider our Incontinence Support Group on Facebook. It's a closely moderated community of caring, compassionate people who are willing to offer suggestions based on personal experience.