Egosan: Discover the Difference with These Video Tips

Egosan: Discover the Difference with These Video Tips

Did you know that purchasing a product for incontinence protection is only the first step toward the best performance? Don’t let that bother you, most people don’t.

Part of how Egosan helps you Discover the Difference between products is to provide you with the information that you need to make the most of the products you choose.

Watch the videos on the Egosancares' YouTube channel and learn to:

* Become more efficient while putting them on yourself or another person.

*Take them off properly.

*Prep the brief/diaper or pull-up to give you the best performance.

*Understand how important it is to measure for the best protection as well as the most comfortable fit.

Short videos, great information

These videos are short and to the point so choose the ones you want to watch from these links or go to the Egosancares YouTube channel for direct viewing.

Let’s start with how to put them on and take them off

How To Put on Egosan Protective Underwear (pull-up)

How To Remove Egosan Protective Underwear (pull-up)

How To Put on an Egosan Diaper in a Standing Position (brief)

How to Put on an Egosan Diaper while Lying Down (brief)

How To Remove an Egosan Diaper in a Standing Position (brief)

How to Remove an Egosan Diaper while Lying Down (brief)

Continue reading below product list:

Prep them for the best performance (any brand)

The videos linked below will provide you with visual step-by-step instructions on exactly how to do a quick prep that will make the most of any incontinence garment.

Tips for the best performance of a diaper brief:

Buying the right size and style of incontinence protection is important

Buying the correct size will make a significant difference so if you buy a product in a store, pay close attention to the sizing instructions on the package. If you buy online, any good product should provide you with sizing instructions on the site. Egosan’s sizing illustration is detailed, so check out Egosan on Amazon for instructions.

Incontinence products and technology

Premium quality products are not just fatter piles of fluff. They are technologically advanced for superior absorption coupled with amazing comfort. Knowing more can help you make better decisions about which degree of absorbency you’ll want for different circumstances.

If you’re up for more education about incontinence protection this article is for you: Why Are Egosan Incontinence Products Superior? Technology!

Quality matters

Purchasing the best quality products available will result in fewer leaks and may even save you money since good products mean fewer changes. Go ahead and share this Egosan article and/or the Egosancares videos with others who may struggle to get the best performance out of their incontinence products. We're proud of what we do!

By Carol Bradley Bursack


 ***Egosan’s PEFC certification guarantees that their products are from sustainable, managed forests, recycled and controlled sources

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