What’s Your Story? Help Egosan Eliminate the Stigma of Incontinence

January 17, 2021

What’s Your Story? Help Egosan Eliminate the Stigma of Incontinence

Regardless of a person’s age, any number of diseases and traumas can result in an adult not being able to adequately control urine and/or bowel functioning. Sadly, this fact goes unrecognized, so adults with incontinence often feel a degree of shame or self-blame. Some are even overtly shamed by friends or family.

As with any physical or mental issue we may experience, anyone with incontinence issues should work with their doctor to see if there is a solution that works for them. However, the reality is that many adults will continue to live with incontinence. This wouldn’t be such a challenge if not for the stigma that accompanies incontinence. Such stigma will continue until there is enough awareness around incontinence to educate the general public about this very human condition. Here’s where you can help.

Tell your story 

Egosan is providing a way for those who’d like their experience with incontinence more widely known in order to both help themselves and help others.

Matt was the subject of our first story. In this interview, Matt tells about the car accident that led to his incontinence at age 22 and the resulting abuse and bullying that he's endured due to incontinence.

Why would he do this? At age 38, Matt feels that sharing his incontinence story will help others, of course, but he also understands that going public with it will help him, as well. He wants to work to eliminate the stigma and shame that surrounds incontinence for everyone who is affected by it.

Matt has long been active on online support groups where people can discuss their incontinence with others who understand. That is the beauty of support groups, which is a step that we at Egosan highly recommend. But now Matt wants to take the idea further. By telling his story publicly, he is paving the way for others to do the same.

Keep in mind, though, that this is a step that should only be taken when people have worked though their feelings and become more confident, just as Matt did.

Whether you have been incontinent since childhood, have experienced a trauma, or are losing control of your bladder and/or bowels due to age or disease, we’d love to hear about it. 

Since older people are often traumatized by incontinence as well, we welcome stories from all age groups. Why? Telling your story will help normalize incontinence to the degree that it is just one human difference among many.

Your story could be that prostate surgery that has left you temporarily incontinent or menopause that has left you with a compelling urge to urinate with no warning. No story is too “ordinary” to help others. Tell your story by messaging Ask Carol (just click the Ask Carol link in the gray area under the article) and I'll be happy to guide you through the process of telling as much or as little as you’d like.

Let’s end the stigma about incontinence by encouraging people with incontinence to live their lives fully. What’s your story?   

By Carol Bradley Bursack


Need incontinence support for yourself or someone else? Try Egosan’s Incontinence Support Group on Facebook


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