Egosan Ultra Adult Diapers

Egosan Ultra Adult Diaper Briefs

Egosan ULTRA Adult Briefs are a traditional style incontinence diaper brief.  Our ULTRA line of diapers is our most absorbent diaper that we offer and is recommended for those individuals that need maximum protection and absorbency throughout the day or night.

Our ULTRA diapers offer maximum absorbency and are designed to be worn for long term use.  Our diapers our versatile and offer all day protection reducing the number of times the diaper needs to be changed.  Our ULTRA diapers are the ideal overnight diaper with their super absorbent materials these diapers help keep the user dry all night. 

Each package of diaper includes 15 diapers with ADJUSTABLE REFASTENABLE TABS to easily and quickly adjust and secure the diaper with a breathable and lightweight “non-woven fabric”

Egosan Ultra Adult Diapers With Tabs

These diapers are equipped with stand up leak guard protection, wetness indicator and odor control reducing any unpleasant smells. Each diaper is made from a soft breathable fluff pulp and a special soft rustle free outer layer and has a soothing dermo-protective system.

Our ULTRA diapers are currently only available in 2 sizes; Medium and Large.  Take a look at our sizing chart to select the correct size diaper. Also take a look at how our ULTRA diapers absorption level compares to our other Egosan products.

There are two different ways to securely put on a ULTRA adult diaper brief.  These diapers can be put on while standing and can also be applied while lying down.  Below are two different videos showing the proper technique to apply our ULTRA diaper briefs.