Amazon Marketing Agency Expands EGOSAN Line of Italian Incontinence Products to Include Feminine Pads

August 12, 2019

Egosan New Light Line of Incontinence Pads for Women


Amazon Marketing Agency Expands EGOSAN Line of Italian Incontinence Products to Include Feminine Pads

The Starren Group, Inc., a NJ-based company leverages their success on Amazon with EGOSAN incontinence underwear and diapers to introduce a new line of EGOSAN premium incontinence pads for women, called EGOSAN Light.

Short Hills, New Jersey – August 2019

In America today, incontinence is a rapidly growing issue, with over 25 million Americans affected by either bladder control or bowel control issues, according to the National Association for Continence (NAFC). Over 200 million people — men and women alike (though women are four to five times more likely to experience the condition) — will face incontinence issues worldwide.

At one point incontinence was an embarrassing issue not many people would talk about, but not anymore. The NAFC states that it is not just an inevitable part of aging. Incontinence will be a “symptom,” rather than a disease, that baby boomers will also experience. Both seniors and baby boomers (as patients and caregivers) will require incontinence aids, growing the demand for high-quality high-end products each and every day.

Enter The Starren Group, who partnered with Italian manufacturer Santex in early 2017 to distribute its luxury brand of incontinence underwear and diapers, EGOSAN VITA SOFT NATURAL COMFORT ALL-IN-ONE DIAPERS and PULL UPS via the world’s largest e-commerce website, Amazon.

“Sales continue to grow nicely,” says Harris Sterling, The Starren Group CEO. ”We began by importing small quantities of both EGOSAN products to test consumer demand and size preferences, and now we are regularly importing full containers from Italy.”

Santex, the manufacturer of all EGOSAN products recently created a new line of incontinence pads and discreet underwear, called EGOSAN Light. With the growth of sales of EGOSAN products through Amazon, The Starren Group sees another opportunity to expand the EGOSAN name through these new lightweight pads. The Starren Group launched EGOSAN Light at the beginning of August and is excited to inform consumers and caregivers that their superior product line now features more discreet options for women. EGOSAN Light premium incontinence pads for women are exclusively available on Amazon and the Egosandiapers website.

To learn more about EGOSAN luxury incontinence products, Amazon sales and management strategies, or to book an interview with The Starren Group CEO, contact Harris Sterling at 973-348-9170 or via email:

EGOSAN PREMIUM INCONTINENCE PADS FOR WOMEN are lightweight, discreet, breathable, and suitable for cases that require a softer, dryer solution to protect wearers from minor skin irritations. Produced in 5 styles based on absorption level, EGOSAN pads will have a solution for any situation.


For more information on Egosan’s entire line of products please visit the Egosandiapers website or Egosan’s Brand Store on

About Santex
Founded in 1961, Santex is the brainchild of entrepreneur Alberto Santurro. In keeping with family tradition, the company is now managed by his children, who have made a decisive contribution to the growth of the business by continually investing in technology, product development, and organization. In 1988, the company produced their first line of incontinence aids. Santex has been a benchmark in the sector for over 50 years now, and is the only company to manufacture these products entirely in Italy.

About The Starren Group
The Starren Group is a privately owned company with offices in New Jersey and New York City. Specializing in strategic marketing, distribution and logistics strategies for small to mid-sized companies, The Starren Group has established best practices to gain market share and build product awareness, particularly in the Amazon marketplace.