Dementia Caregiver’s Experience Brought Premium Incontinence Protection To the US

November 15, 2021

Dementia Caregiver’s Experience Brought Premium Incontinence Protection To the US

As is the case with most people living with advanced dementia Harris Sterling’s father developed incontinence. Along with other difficult issues that come with Alzheimer’s progression, managing the incontinence necessitated a move to an assisted living facility (ALF).

Harrises' mother lived near the facility and spent the most time with her husband, yet Harris tried to help as much as he could from a distance. One task he took over was to manage his dad's incontinence products.

“I didn’t know what I was doing,” Harris said. “You hear about national brands and expect them to perform but everyone was frustrated with the lack of quality that resulted in leakage and frequent changes. Lots of bed changes, too.

"The facility would contact me when they needed more supplies and I’d try to find the best products I could online, yet the name brands we tried were unsatisfactory.

“Because of online work for my existing business, I instinctively researched manufacturers of incontinence products. This eventually led me to Santex, an Italian manufacturer that had been making premium incontinence products for over 30 years.

“As I dug into the company and their medical quality standards I was impressed. Not only did they have the highest of standards and advanced technology, but they’d earned the PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification). This certification guarantees that Egosan products are from sustainable managed forests and recycled sources.

“The products are technologically advanced, so they depend on scientifically designed construction rather than just adding more bulk. Instead of a plastic exterior that is hot and noisy and often contributes to skin breakdown, they have a soft, quiet, cloth-like backing. All linings are hypoallergenic and aloe-infused for skin health.

“The more I saw the more impressed I was. To shorten the story, I partnered with Santex to bring Egosan to the US and make it widely available through Amazon. We’ve only been at this a few years but once people discover this product, they are loyal. We hear directly from ALF’s as well as caregivers who say that their ALF requested them to bring Egosan because it cuts down on diaper changes as well as bed changes.

“Customers tell us that while the initial product is more expensive, they actually save money because fewer changes are required. They not only save on diaper costs but facility charges due to the staff needing to make so many changes. They also find that Egosan is cheaper to order by the case.

“Home caregivers tell us that they get more sleep with fewer nighttime issues when they use Egosan products.

“My business is a family business. I’ve seen family caregiving closeup and know what it’s like. I’ve seen facility care (and costs). That makes hearing from people who say that their lives are now easier because they’ve discovered Egosan all the sweeter!"


Carol Bradley Bursack here: I continually tell people who ask about my work with Egosan that it’s a joy to work for such good people. Harris proves that in the way he conducts business, the way he provides for customers, and how diligent he is in looking for charities that may need these products.

Incontinence care is a mission for him. It comes from the heart.

Look around this blog and website and read the stories about people who use our products. Let us help you and/or someone you care about.

Under Harris Sterling’s guidance, Egosan will do its best to help make your life just a little easier.


By Carol Bradley Bursack



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