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Egosan Introduces the New Maxi Adult Underwear with Enhanced Technology

September 03, 2020 5 Comments

Egosan Introduces the New Maxi Adult Underwear with Enhanced Technology

Egosan takes enormous pleasure in responding to the needs of our customers and
those who take care of them. Now, with the availability of advanced technologies,
we can produce incontinence aids that are even more absorbent than in the past
regardless of the type of incontinence a customer is addressing.
So, with great pleasure Egosan is introducing new Egosan Maxi adult underwear!
The nuts and bolts of Egosan’s new maxi
The new Egosan Maxi adult underwear is even more wearable, more absorbent
and more comfortable than ever before.
This hypoallergenic, easy to use, and lightweight underwear offers maximum
absorbency and protection while using a breathable, soft aloe-based material that
quickly and securely absorbs and retains liquid. These underpants ensure
maximum protection in case of both urinary and fecal incontinence and are
suitable for active users.

 Our underwear is fully breathable and offers an innovative "tear-off"
system which makes them easy to remove after use.

 The colored adhesive rear side tape allows users to wrap and dispose of
the underpants after use.

 For those with more sensitive skin, there's the Natural Comfort material, a
breathable outer layer that makes the underwear suitable for all those
situations requiring gentler and drier contact in order to prevent skin

 New generation ultrasonic technology for the side weld offers a patented
ultrasonic elastic entrapment apparatus that creates softer, thinner, higher
performing elasticized non-woven fabrics. This innovative solution provides
precise bonding on waistbands and leg cuffs without the stiffening effect of

 With the elimination of adhesive, the ultrasonic elastic entrapment process
makes the nonwoven fabrics of the Maxi underwear thinner and more
absorbent, allowing greater comfort, breathability, and maximum

 Egosan Maxi underwear fits waist sizes between 27 to 47 inches and can be
worn as adult protective underwear for both women and men.
Why Choose the new Egosan incontinent stretching underpants?
Egosan underwear has been redesigned to meet the demands of its active
customers, including a number of special features for the most active members of
our community.

 With a focus on wearability, performance, and comfort, Egosan has created
a superior product by using premium materials that allow the skin to
breathe through its ultra-lightweight and breathable non-woven fabrics.

 This innovative lower waist positioning and soft hug feature ensures
maximum comfort and flexibility.

 Efficient systems of elastics that adhere gently to the body and prevent the
escape of liquids combine with super absorbent polymers creating an
effective odor control system that quickly moves moisture away from the

 An effective moisture indicator alerts caregivers when it is time to replace
the underwear.

Egosan is here for you

Egosan focuses on research, using the most effective raw materials and latest
technologies. The company listens to health care providers and interacts with
patients who live with incontinence so that Egosan can produce the highest
quality products.

A pillar in the Italian health care industry for over 50 years, the parent company
Santex has been a recognized partner of the National Health Service, providing
incontinence products to hospitals throughout Italy. For the past 30 years, the
Egosan brand of incontinence products has become a shining example of this
commitment to you, our valued customer.

You keep communicating your wish lists on products and we will do our best to
make these wishes come true.

Egosan wants to help you live your life fully: Here is 20% off of your first Egosan order from Amazon to get you started with products that you can count on.

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Pat Baglietto
Pat Baglietto

October 22, 2020

My husband wears a sz 52 pant. Do you not have product that large? They sound wonderful that they use tape to hold them rather than pull ups


October 18, 2020



October 18, 2020



October 05, 2020



October 05, 2020


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