Egosan Conquers Nighttime Incontinence Challenge with Breakthrough Technology

October 18, 2021

Egosan Conquers Nighttime Incontinence Challenge with Breakthrough Technology

Middle-of-the-night bed changing due to incontinence problems gets old fast but what’s the solution? Egosan’s Hyper-absorbent X-Dry.

Egosan has made premium incontinence products available for over 30 years. Their Ultra has been a winner in assisted living situations where caregivers have a chance to compare products. Yet, this company never rests on its past accomplishments.

They’ve long recognized the challenge of nighttime incontinence so they’ve worked to develop the technology that can be a game-changer for anyone who needs this type of incontinence protection.

Now it’s here in the form of Egosan X-Dry. Due to advanced technology, Egosan X-Dry hyper-absorbent pull-ups or diaper-style briefs should allow you or your loved one to wake up in a dry bed!

For wearers, Egosan X-Dry offers a top-level of:

*Drier skin for a longer time thanks to hyper-absorbent X-Dry technology

*Healthier skin overall

*More comfortable, peaceful nights, with over 8 hours of guaranteed protection

For Caregivers, Egosan X-Dry offers these advantages:

*Reduces irritation and complications due to the use of low-performance pads

*Greatly reduces the need for frequent bed changing due to leaks

*Fewer changes needed overall

*Simplifies the management of the wearer’s daily life

* A previously non-existent level of superior absorbency we call hyper-absorbency

We’re super excited to bring you this incredible new product. You can order it in the same way as other Egosan products - discreetly online.

A little bragging about other Egosan products:

…Our caregiver’s agencies offered many briefs, so I asked mom’s caregivers to do a comparison test with these other brands. Egosan briefs always won. Another great benefit of the Egosan brief was that in addition to being comfortable, absorbent, and easy to put on, it is the only brief that did not cause my mom a rash. It’s a great product and a great company.

…My husband is totally disabled, and I was double diapering because I don’t want to change him in the middle of the night, but he goes so much that the bed pad and his pajamas were always wet. These diapers hold the most out of the seven others that I tried and haven’t leaked out yet. Expensive but really work.

…Husband with Alzheimer's and possibly also Parkinson's was flooding the bed every night. Adult diapers in local pharmacies could not contain the amount of urine. Could not imagine having to change and wash sheets every day for the foreseeable future. Found your diaper on the internet! Came the next day and there have been no wet bedsheets since. His shame and my burdens have been diminished. Thank you!!!”

These comments all came in before the X-Dry was even available. Try one or try several. You’re sure to find what works for you.

Learn more about how X-Dry is constructed by viewing this video:

 By Carol Bradley Bursack


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