Husband Has Problems Accepting Surgically Caused Bowel Incontinence

November 02, 2021

Husband Has Problems Accepting Surgically Caused Bowel Incontinence

Dear Carol: My husband has bowel incontinence caused by a surgical procedure that had to be redone three times. The third time something went wrong and caused what will be life-long bowel incontinence whenever he coughs or lifts anything. He was a heavy machine operator for years and just used toilet paper for the leaks but there’s got to be a better way. He’s tried pads before, but the plastic makes them so hot that it’s caused skin infections. He's supported me through several surgeries, and I really want to help him with this. There’s got to be a better way.  -  LL

Dear LL: We’re so sorry to hear about your husband’s unfortunate surgeries.

We can't change what happened to him, but we can help with ideas about better products that could help him accept these changes.

Egosan does not use plastic backing. All of the products h​ave a​​ soft cloth ​exterior ​that will breathe better so that your husband’s skin would remain healthier. The padding is aloe-infused and hypoallergenic.

Here’s a quote from a longtime Egosan customer:

“For many years I struggled to find a good incontinence product that met my needs. Egosan exceeds those needs. I use the Egosan Ultra Diaper brief. They're soft and comfortable to wear. I’m very active when I’m not working, and these diaper briefs really hold up well during exercise like hiking and mountain biking. The padding is thick but doesn't fall apart during vigorous activity. The backing isn't plastic which is great for preventing diaper rash and maintaining healthy skin.”

Premium products may seem more expensive, but many people find that when they use better products they not only have better protection and healthier skin, but they need fewer changes. This means that they save money in the end.

Here’s another customer quote:

“…managing incontinence on the road for weeks at a time is a challenge. With your Ultra-briefs, I don't have to stop and change as often. Just three diapers per day are all I need with Egosan. They keep my skin, clothing, bedding, and seats in my truck dry and odor-free. They save me money and improve my quality of life. Your products make my life much easier. I’m a lot more confident. Happy customer here. Thank you!”

 Give your husband our best. We hope that different products can make his (and your) life easier.

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By Carol Bradley Bursack


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