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Traveling Well with Both MS and Incontinence Takes Planning

August 01, 2021

Traveling Well with Both MS and Incontinence Takes Planning

Dear Carol: My wife, age 48, is incontinent due to multiple sclerosis (MS). We used to love camping in national parks, so I’ve been urging her to get back to that since her condition is at least temporarily more stable than it has been. We have all the mobility aids needed for her walking, and the park we want to visit has good accommodations for disabilities. Still, she’s worried because of her incontinence. She knows she’ll have to change pads frequently and she’s afraid of leaks and just overall embarrassment. She also knows that she won’t be able to shower often because I can’t go into the women’s room to help her, and with incontinence thorough cleanup is important to skin health. So, tell us, do you ever hear from customers about how Egosan brand does for someone like my wife? Oh, and do you know about any wipes that are better for bathing than just the basic types she already uses to clean up when changing? Thanks.  – TK

Dear TK: One of Egosan’s missions is to help bring awareness to the need for accommodations that would help people with all types of challenges and disabilities and that includes incontinence. Your letter is helping us do that.

You might want to start by sharing a couple of our articles with your wife in case they can help her feel less alone with the fact that she is incontinent.  

Lose the Stigma About Incontinence: Even Young People Can be Affected

Incontinent at Age 22, Matt Tells His Story to Help Others

You know this but we'll restate that for traveling stock up on supplies heavily beforehand.

Additionally, she may want to limit her beverages while you’re on the road to some degree but not so much that dehydration would be an issue. With the current heat, everyone needs to be more careful.

If she has any trigger foods that she’s aware of she could try to avoid those. Frequent stops, when possible, to use restrooms are a good idea but that needs to be balanced with other physical challenges your wife may face, especially if you aren’t allowed to assist her.

You’ve likely thought of this as well, but for traveling she will probably need to use night-time protection rather than the lighter protection she might be able to wear at home. Then, if changing or using a bathroom is not possible, she won’t be as nervous about leakage. For that reason, we’re thinking that the Egosan Ultra might be the best option even during the day.

Egosan's products have soft backing that not only adds to comfort, but it avoids the tell-tale plastic crackle of other brands, while aloe-infused linings nourish the skin as they draw moisture from the surface to keep the skin dry. People who comment also tell us that this backing is cooler.

She may find comfort in this unsolicited testimonial from a young man who’s been incontinent since childhood and has struggled to find good protection:

“…Egosan exceeds those needs. I use the Egosan Ultra Diaper brief. They're soft and very comfortable to wear. I’m very active when I’m not working, and these diaper briefs really hold up well during exercise like hiking and mountain biking. The padding is thick but doesn't fall apart during vigorous exercise. The backing isn't plastic which is great for preventing diaper rash and maintaining healthy skin. I am an over the road truck driver. So managing incontinence on the road for weeks at a time is a challenge. With your Ultra briefs. I don't have to stop and change as often. Just 3 diapers per day is all I need with Egosan. They keep my skin, clothing, bedding and seats in my truck dry and odor free.’’ …Eric

A lot of science goes into the Egosan designs but it’s testimonials like Eric’s that let us know these products perform exceptionally well in the real world.

Some people like the extra assurance of using bed and chair pads on vehicle seats as well just to make sure that if a leak of any kind does occur it will be caught.

Your wife legitimately worries about park bathing accommodations with her MS challenges, so we’d like to suggest that she try some disposable, rinse-free bath sponges. These are available online with companies such as Amazon as well in some stores. She could stay clean and fresh that way without having to navigate difficult and possibly unsafe territory alone.

Planning can make a difference in confidence

We’d suggest that you and your wife plan well ahead by purchasing different incontinence products to try at home. Give them the harshest test that you can. Once your wife feels confident in her protection, she’ll be more likely to become excited about the trip. She can order a free sample of Egosan Ultras from the Egosancares website or by using this link:

Here are two more unsolicited testimonials just to give your wife a little boost:

“My wife has MS and has some nerve issues with her bladder. These are by far the best protection she has used for daytime.” …Kyle

“I’m disabled and have tried many brands. When these came, I was alarmed because they were so thin that I thought they wouldn’t work. I don’t know how they do it, but these work really well without extra bulk. Appear thin but workhorse efficiency”. …Amanda

We’re wishing you the best, TK. Send Ask Carol a note when you get back. We’d love to see some photos!

Request a free sample from Egosan here or in the gray area under the article.

Need incontinence support for yourself or someone else? Try Egosan’s Incontinence Support Group on Facebook

By Carol Bradley Bursack


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